Covid 19 Mother and Baby Breastfeeding Scenarios

Mother and Baby Breastfeeding Scenarios


If a mother has been tested to be postive for Covid19 and she is too sick to be with her baby she can have someone help her to pump her breasts while the mother wears an N95 mask and then feed the breastmilk to her baby via a spoon, syringe or a bottle. She should have a dedicated breastpump to use that only she uses. Excellent hand washing and gloves are to be used before and after pumping her breasts and then before and after feeding the  baby and then again before and after cleaning the pump parts. A disinfectant should be used on all surfaces involved.

If a mother has tested positive for Covid 19 but still feels well enough to nurse her baby she can nurse using respiratory hygiene via of an N95 face mask and  wearing gloves. She is to use meticulous hand washing and disinfection of the surfaces before and after nursing. If there is another caregiver for her baby, this is preferred and the crib can be kept 6 feet away from the mother.

If a mother is suspected of having Covid19 or is a (PUI) person under investigation. Either she would be waiting to be tested or waiting on the results of her test she can continue to breast feed her infant. She should use respiratory hygiene via wearing an N95 mask while she breastfeeds her baby. If she chooses to just pump not all of the immunites will be present in the breastmilk. Again meticulous hand washing before and after caring for the baby, the pump parts and the surfaces that were touched during the procedure.

If the mother contracts Covid19 shortly before giving birth and then she plans to breastfeed. The baby will get specific secretory IgA antibodies and many other critical immune proteins especially passed when the baby is directly breastfed.

The family of a known person with Covid19 should not share utensils, glasses, dishes, or the bathroom with the positive or the person under investigation. (PUI)

At home clean your door knobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, table tops, phone and keyboard surfaces with a disinfectant the can kill Covid19. Some products that are effective are Clorox disinfecting spray, Clorox multi surface cleaner, Lysol multi surface cleaner, Peroixide disinfectant and glass cleaner, Peroxide multi surface cleaner to name a few. Use a hand sanitizer that has at least 60 % alcohol.

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