Therapeutic Breast Massage


This type of massage is to be used if you are feeling full and engorged or if you are having any degree of difficulty with breast congestion. The breast does not drain as well when engorgement is severe. During engorgement the breast is full of milk and body fluids. Devote 5 minutes to each breast 8 times a day, use coconut oil or any other kind of vegetable oil and massage your breasts one at a time. Massage toward the nipple exit and also toward the underarms. Lymph nodes are the “trash pick up” for the body so they help to relieve congestion by draining fluid from your breast into your lymph system under your arms. You need to do this activity every 3-4 hours until your breasts are soft. Breast congestion should resolve within 48 hours. If it doesn’t and or you run a fever with a red hardened area you need to call you medical provider. Feed your baby whatever you express from your breasts until your baby has an easier time breastfeeding. Your breast will be softer and more manageable for baby. You may need to supplement baby with formula if baby is hungry or continuing to lose weight. Seek help early if necessary!

Therapeutic breast massage is just that, therapeutic, it does the following;

  1. It assists with emptying the breast and resolving milk congestion
  2. Using your hands allows more directed ductal treatment
  3. Your lymph nodes are under your arm pits and in simple terms the job of lymph nodes in the body are to “take the trash out”
  4. Gentle touch can help with the release of the let down hormone “oxytocin”
  5. Milk removal helps to increase your supply, if milk is not removed the body does not know to replace it
  6. Less congestion = less chance of mastitis
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