Vegan, Keto, gluten free, dairy free

There is a company named Bunny James that sells snack boxes of different treats that are included in multiple specialty diets. The reviews are good and the packaging looks amazing. Check it out for all you mothers or family members of mothers that are having to stick to a restricted diet.

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Military Mommies

There is a new company available for active duty military called Military Mommies. The company was started by a veteran so they know the challenges a military family faces everyday. They work with military families all over the world. They are here for you to help you navigate through all the things you need to get ready for your new baby. There are area partners who consult on a virtual or in person consultation to discuss what is available to you through Tricare. This service is FREE to you!

The area partner for Charleston, SC is Danielle Longo and she can be reached at (253) 778-0179. For more information check out their website at www.military

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Breastfeeding in the African American population

Some interesting studies are being conducted at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois on African American families. The goal of these studies is to increase the breastfeeding rates of the African American population. Check out this article from Baby center about some of the incentives that are being offered.

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Reimbursement for Lactation Services

By law an insurance company is required to help a family out financially with lactation assistance. The ugly truth is that it happens less often then reimbursement does. Here is a website and contact information to assist a family looking for reimbursement or checking preemptively.

National Women’s Law Center



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