Relaxation really does help to increase a milk supply!

Check out this article about a study on breastfeeding mothers who were given relaxation tapes to listen to and they saw a dramatic increase in their milk supply. This was also reported in the Cochrane Review. The study is not large but the findings are substantial. These particular relaxation tapes are found on iTunes but you can make your own. The idea is to relax and not stress.

Now on iTunes: An audio galactogogue

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FEPLA-Federal Employee Paid Leave Act

There is a new parental policy within the Federal Government. It is an amendment of FMLA and it pays 12 weeks of leave for the parent of a new biological or an adopted child or foster care. This does not include vacation or sick time. It is inclusive of the mother or the father. The new policy started on October 1, 2020 and has some key features for an employee to be eligible.
It is called FEPLA. The Federal Employee Paid Leave Act.
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Pregnancy, Fertility and Breastfeeding during and after taking the Covid 19 Vaccine from Pfizer

This article from Life Site advises to not breastfeed after taking the Covid 19 vaccine and do not get pregnant for at least 2 months after taking the vaccine.

It also speaks to unknown fertility impacts after receiving the vaccine.

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