Our clients say:

Lowcountry lactation Station

“There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing my journey has been with Linda as my consultant!!

“From my hospital bed after my twins were born and as exhausted as I was with preeclampsia and 16.5 hours of labor I saw her walk through my hospital room door and I told her right then I was determined to breastfeed!!! She smiled at me and just said ok we will do this!!!

“She has made me and my babies feel like no matter what time of the day or night nor the fact that my girls are ten months old she responds as if it were her duty in life to guide us through our beautiful breastfeeding journey!!! I can’t ever repay her for coming to my house when I needed her to help with my fears and latching problems I even have a video of her showing me how to swaddle the way she does as a nurse!! I nor my twin girls would be where we are today had Linda not shown us the way to walk down this crazy road of breastfeeding!!!

“With loving tears in my eyes I recommend her For anything to do with breastfeeding. Anyone I ever speak to I ALWAY tell every expecting mommy about my experience with Linda Merli and Lowcountry Lactation Station. I’m so grateful to have had this kind of help for every silly concern to my moments of barely pushing through Linda has truly been there!!! Other nurses at the hospital pushed rest and bottles and Linda heard my plan and helped me accomplish my goal of breastfeeding twins born prematurely!!! Six months exclusively breastfeed and now ten months still going strong!!!

“Thank you just doesn’t seem good enough!!!”

Kimberly S.                      

Ellery and Adeline

Ellery and Adeline

“I began working with Linda in March of 2013, after my son was born.

“Immediately after arriving home from the hospital I realized breastfeeding was not going to be as easy as I had hoped for. I had done a lot of research prior to the birth of my son and was adamant that I would not use formula, breast shields or any other props. Linda came to my home to help me with the baby’s latch, which needed some fine tuning. He also had a short tongue, which made it hard to lap up the milk. And this pumping thing, I don’t get when and how much. Wait there is more, he was dropping weight.

“Oh no! but it was ok because I had Linda. She helped me with all of it. Linda is a very nurturing and caring person and extremely professional. I knew we were in good hands after our first appointment. Linda was always available via email or a phone call. I called her on several occasions in a panic, and she made time for a visit even on short notice. This is a woman who believes in what she does and is amazing at it.

“Her confidence is contagious and so heart warming. She was also great about including my husband in our conversations so he was in the loop also. I went on to nurse my son for 22 months. Breastfeeding was one of the hardest things I have ever done and so worth it! Thank you so much Linda, we could not have been successful without you.”

Andrea B.

“I started working with Linda when my doctor helped me to realize my son may be having difficulty breastfeeding.

“I easily scheduled an appointment with her, and she came to my home. This was extremely helpful as my son was only 3 weeks at the time. Linda spent 2 hours at my house working with me. She is very encouraging and knowledgeable.

She observed as I fed my son to watch for the signs that he was taking in enough milk. She weighed him before and after feeding to determine how much milk he was receiving. This was huge in shedding light on the situation, a low milk supply. After working together she reviewed options with me to help increase my supply. She gave me resources to read, information on foods to eat and herbs to take to increase my supply, a pack of brewers yeast to help and a regimen for pumping and feeding to get my supply up.

She allowed me to borrow a scale so I could continue to weigh during feedings to see if he was taking in more milk. This was extremely helpful because it took the guess work out of the situation for a time while I was trying to increase my supply and get my son’s weight up. She helped me to set goals that helped to motivate me. Even after our consult she responded quickly to phone calls and emails with questions.

While the information she provided and the  understanding she gave me were extremely helpful and needed, her encouragement through that challenging time was invaluable. I am so thankful to have worked with her, and because of her help I am still breastfeeding today, a month longer than my goal and I plan to continue.

AC Vosler

“My husband and I were blessed with boy/girl twins.

“I knew I wanted to breast feed them, but I wasn’t sure if it would be possible. In the hospital we were lucky enough to meet Linda who has helped us more than we could ever imagine. She noticed right away the the boys tongue appeared to be tied, after having his frenulum clipped his feeding greatly improved.

“We had no idea how we were going to make it without Linda when we left the hospital, but we were greatly excited when we saw our pediatrician and one of the Lactation consultants listed was Linda. We immediately called her to schedule an appointment and she came to our house that week to help us. I was only pumping to feed the babies in the beginning so we could measure everything and to keep me from getting too overwhelmed.

“When the twins were about 1 month of age Linda came and helped coach me to have my babies feed from my breasts. Linda also helped us by suggesting certain foods/products to increase my milk supply. She also told us how much the babies should be getting per 24 hours. Our twins are now 3 months old and they have tripled their birth weight.

“I would suggest anyone having a new baby to get in touch with Linda. She truly cares about the families she works with.”

Kathleen D.

“I knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby even before I got pregnant but from day one I had a hard time.

“I took all the classes at the hospital and read all the books but when my son was born he would not latch on…my nipples were too flat!! Ugh!.

“I actually met Linda my second night in the hospital. I was very frustrated with the breastfeeding and tired and all the other stuff that comes along with delivering a baby but Linda stuck with me through the night giving me tips and helping me to keep my sanity. I felt comfortable to take my son home the next day. I spent the next few days nursing frequently to only find out my baby was losing weight.

“My doctor recommended a lactation consultant Linda! Yay! I was so excited that my new lactation consultant was Linda my favorite nurse from the hospital. She came over and observed my feeding routine and figured out how much milk my baby was receiving.  It was not enough so I spent the next 2 weeks glued to the couch pumping and feeding my baby. It seemed like hell at the time but it totally paid off. My son is now 9 ½ months old.

“He is so happy and healthy and I am still breastfeeding because we both love it so much. My breastfeeding journey has definitely been challenging but totally worth it. Linda helped make it possible and I will always thank her for that.

“She is a kind and caring women who truly cares about you and your baby.”

Ann F.