How to Prepare for a Home Visit

 What to expect at a home visit

The home visit consultation is scheduled around your baby’s feeding. At the consult, your baby is weighed on a high caliber weigh scale before and after a feeding to see exactly how much breast milk your baby is getting from you at a nursing session.

You will also pump while the consultant is at your home so that she can evaluate your flange size, your pump features and the amount of milk you are making. If you do not already have a pump you will be able to discuss this with the consultant.

The consultant brings feeding tubes and syringes to each consult. Finger feeding is recommended in the event that baby needs to be supplemented. You want to avoid using a bottle in the early days of breastfeeding if possible!

Please fill out the Intake Assessment Form prior to our home visit.

In addition:

  • Included in the cost of the consult is a bottle of Motherlove Herbal supplement to help with a faltering milk supply if the consultant feels like you would benefit from it.
  • Medihoney nipple balm and medela shells or shields if necessary.
  • Feeding tubes and syringes
  • Written discharge instructions are customized to you and your baby’s needs.
  • Consultant will send your pediatrician and obstetrician a written report so that there will be consistency of care.
  • FREE SECA Weigh scales are loaned out on a 2 week basis when the weigh scales are available.
  • After a consult there is unlimited phone calls, texts or emails during the entire course of breastfeeding your baby.


Insurance Billing

The insurance company is required by law to pay for breastfeeding support and a breast pump for the breastfeeding mother. It is in line with the Affordable Care Act. As of July 20, 2017 nothing has been settled with a new health care reform under Trump’s administration so until further notice this is what the ACA will cover (Some insurance companies or policies are exempt from ACA policies because of a grandfather clause.) Call your insurance company and inquire about coverage and what kind of pump they will provide for you. The information that you submit to your insurance company for reimbursement include a super bill that the consultant will leave with you at the time of your consultation which has Tax ID numbers and ICD codes listed. A monetary receipt that the consultant will leave with you at the time of the consultation. The only item you would need to obtain is an order from your pediatrician stating that you and your baby need a lactation consultation secondary to infant feeding issues dated prior to our visit.  You can pick this up from the pediatrician after the consult. I do not file with insurance but I give you the items necessary to obtain reimbursement. You then submit these 3 items to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for the home visit.