Freemie Breast Pumping System

Freemie is a relatively new way to pump your breasts without bottles hanging off of you.  It was developed by a physician who had premature twins in the NICU. It is made up of a large cup with a flange inside that is placed over your breast or breasts. The tubing from your breast pump is inserted into the cups and you place your shirt and bra back on, and turn on your pump. It is a collection system. The people around you may know what you are doing but they will not see milk, bottles or your breasts while you are pumping. It is handy for pumping in any location and it is compatible with most pumps.  It helps with premature babies that are not as efficient at the breast where mother can pump one breast and feed baby on the other breast. Because the pump is stimulating a let down it will happen in both breasts and your baby can learn where their milk is coming from. Click here for more details about the Freemie collection system

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